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    HWINFO64 sensor s Flashing on/off

    The sensor page seems to be redrawing itself once a second. It started after I installed latest beta but backing up to latest stable version does not help. Ideas? Thanks.
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    Vring not showing

    GA-Z97X-UD5H / 4770K Vring is not showing up with the new board, it does show with Z87X-UD5H. Is it no longer available? Also, what is "AVCC3" listing actually showing? Thanks.
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    1660 beta "jumpy" display

    The sensor window pulses and resets scrolled position. Have had no problems with other recent betas. Z77X-UD5H - 3770K If you need more data please advise. For now I backed up to an earlier version.
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    Load with windows

    Hello, Incredibly useful program. I have been unable to have the program load with Windows. Can you suggest a fix? Also, is there a way to only display desired sensors? thanks