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    [SOLVED] AMD GPU VRM reading randomly dissapearing from OSD since v5.20 (build 2800).

    Like the title says since 5.20 my GPU VRM reading is flickering on and off in afterburner OSD. It worked ok earlier this week and i havent updated either afterburner or AMD drivers - however i did update HWInfo. Yes im using ADL because this is the only way to get VRM temperature. AMD Radeon...
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    HWInfo64 creates a startup key in 32bit registry on 64bit windows

    The 64bit version of the program should create its startup in 64bit registry not in 32bit. I just debugged a problem where i was unable to delete the hwinfo64 startup key from the registry via commandline. Turns out i was trying to delete a nonexistant 64bit key. Use System32\Reg.exe to create...