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    Graph Initial Position & Updated Position

    WHINFO Pro v7.25-4780 beta I am trying to understand where HWINFO opens a graph of a sensor item in systems with multiple displays, and when new location coordinates are saved. I am seeing some inconsistent behavior that I will attempt to describe. My system has 4 assorted displays connected...
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    Aquacomputer Aquasuite update to X.45 - HWINFO not reporting Octo data

    Hi Martin. I just updated Aquasuite to X.45 (insider version). This update included firmware updates for the Octo and Quadro fan controllers and Farbwerk360 RGB controllers (and maybe other items that I do not have). Sebastian at Aquacomputer made a posted HERE that the Octo and Quadro have...
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    HWINFO64 Crashing when opening Sensor Settings panel

    I am running HWINFO v7.11-4545 beta on a Ryzen 5950X system. HWINFO has been crashing while opening the Sensor Settings panel. The changes I was making are: change color to green, add a >value for Red, and change the label. Every time HWINFO has crashed, it has been after selecting a sensor...
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    Asus Maximus X Hero wifi VRM Sensor

    Does anyone know for sure if there is in fact a VRM Sensor on the Asus Maximus X Hero wifi? If there is, I can't see it in the BIOS, or HWiNFO64, AIDA, or SIV. There is a guy on that claims HWiNFO is showing a VRM sensor value but he sees nothing in the BIOS (which I believe but don't...