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  1. Seahorse

    New nVidia Drivers, new HQInfo beta = new IDs

    I installed the 320.x drivers yesterday and the latest beta this morning. I then noticed that my Rainmeter skin was not showing any values for temps, frequency etc. I di not notice yester - but then again, I am pretty sure I didn't look! Using HWInfo Shared Memory to check (as all my other...
  2. Seahorse

    HWInfo Startup Hang

    Has been working fine for weeks, this morning it will not start locking up on Enumerating screen when a second window seems to appear under it just as it hangs. [attachment=638] Killed the Taskmgr, restarted same error. Rebooted - same error. Uninstalled and re-installed - same error...
  3. Seahorse


    Hi, I have previously used Speedfan in my skins which comes with a number of limitations and has required the use of registry values, a custom .exe to determine graphics card and so on, the prospect of removing this complexity as well as being able to monitor additional temperatures and so on...