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    User research - DDR4 modules with temperature sensor (Min Max Average) statistics

    At my system I am using best DDR3-2400, no problems at all with Z87X along a high end, Gigabyte motherboard. Jedec 1600 - XMP 2400 I am up to explore DDR3 operating temperature by the use of external sensors, along quality electrical test and measurement equipment. Some new DDR4 modules they...
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    Z87X-UD5H favorite spot of Gigabyte at installing motherboard temperature sensor?

    After a good visual inspection, and even after reviewing GA-Z87X-UD5H the actual repair_manual, I am still unable to physically locate the so called as motherboard temperature sensor. Gigabyte uses the actual description of SYSTEM Temperature. CPU along PCH, these two are both on-chip...
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    HWiNFO64 wish list 2022 - all sensor off

    My first topic in this forum, and I hope this to be at the proper sector. :) My hardware configuration: i7 4770, Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H, GTX1060 6GB Such a setup this includes large number of sensors, but rather an small number this belong at the category of essential ones. I do use HWiNFO64...