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  1. Dave-H

    PerfNet Error with HWiNFO 7.12 in Windows XP

    I recently noticed errors being logged in my Windows XP Application log on every boot. They are from PerfNet. I didn't make the connection straight away, but after a lot of head scratching and experimentation, I found that the start of the messages coincided with my update to version 7.12 of...
  2. Dave-H

    Nonsense min and max CPU core temperature values on system tray icons

    Hi, I'm using HWiNFO 7.00 on my dual boot machine, both 64 bit (on Windows 10) and 32 bit (on Windows XP). On both of them, and on previous versions of HWiNFO too, although the CPU temperature on both processors of my dual processor machine is apparently being recorded correctly, the reported...
  3. Dave-H

    [Suggestion] Different Update Rate Settings for Different Functions?

    Would it be possible to have the facility to set different update rates for different elements of the monitoring system? The reason I ask is because I have the update rate set to every two seconds as that's what I want for the processor temperature monitoring icon in the system tray. However, it...
  4. Dave-H

    Problems with HWiNFO32 6.26 in Windows 98

    Hi, I joined to report an issue with Windows 98SE, which I'm sure isn't now used by many people here! I have a triple boot machine, and I use HWiNFO on Windows 98SE, Windows XP, and Windows 10 x64, and have always been really impressed that it works on all three operating systems. However, with...