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    Compatible hardware for temperature monitoring

    My motherboard has 5 temperature monitor probe headers so I have designed my monitoring subsystem based on 5 sensors. As I am going to change motherboard the new one Will have just 2 temp headers. So I need to buy a third part device to increase temp sensors. As far as I have read corsair...
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    Corsair HX1000i PSU Efficency calculation bug

    I have read that there are some undocumented behaviour about corsair iCue or Corsair Link internal calculations, but I don't think that the problem I am reporting is related to this. According to HWiNFO64 description PSU Efficiency is the ratio "PSU Power Sum"/"PSU Power". Well this ratio...
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    Screen resolution, refresh rate, VRR FreeSync Gsync, HDR, bit per channel, color format

    Nowadays games and applications, as well as users when this cannot be done automatically, changes those parameters quite often according to specific applications needs. I am speaking about Screen resolution Monitor refresh rate (e.g. 60hz 70hz 100hz 120hz 144hz ) Bit per channel (e.g. 8bit...
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    Shared memory Viewer. New version not to be found

    I am looking the main/official place where to download Shared Memory Viewer. Unfortunatly here .exe version is attached in the .rmskin version 3.2.0 - November 19, 2016 But I know from this skin author...