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    core ratio reads different than on a all core ratio of 4.9

    core ratio reads 4.3 different than on p-cores all core ratio of 4.9,i just wonder why their different?
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    autostart not working minimized

    do i have the correct boxes checked? screen shot below
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    could someone please tell me what vmax stress got this from tool tips in hwinfo64 under IA limit reasons
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    IA limit reasons

    mine says yes on IA limit reasons, could someone please tell what this means? thank you very much
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    can you enable Asus EC or not

    can you enable Asus EC or disable, when i install hwinfo64 it says not to monitor this sensor , that it may hurt performance, its been the same over the yrs to not monitor Asus EC for yrs just wondering if it changed or no, if i have to keep it disabled then its fine,just wondering,thank you
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    no cpu temps per core

    i just swithed to amd after having been with intel forever ( i know dont kill me yet ,LOL), per core temps dont show on amd ,thank you
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    core 1 c7 residency

    sorry to ask this ,what is core 1 c7 residency & why is it so high, i have a file attached below, thank you
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    csnt install sidebar

    when i try to install the HWiNFOMonitor Sidebar Gadget i get an error , i have a pic of the windows error,thank you
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    hwinfo64 ver.622 driver wont install

    hwinfo64 ver. 6.22 error driver won't install, ive had hwinfo64 for yrs , never had this happen before,i also installed thermaltake software , ive read they dont play well together