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    HWiNFO v7.27-4840 Beta released

    Hi Martin. I just downloaded and installed v7.27-4840 beta but the file is still v7.27-4380 beta. It also says 7.27-4830 on the download page. Edit to add - If I pick the US download site, v7.27-4840 beta downloads. If I pick the FossHub download link, its 7.27-4830 beta.
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    Suggestion: Change Sensor Value Background Color Upon Change of Sensor Value

    You can already set a default color, and change to Red (critical) if the sensor value goes above or below user adjustable threshold values. If I understand, you are asking for the color to change if the sensor value changes, then change the color back if the value stabilizes for a user settable...
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    HWiNFO 7.20 crashes on an Abit BE6-II

    Do you mean SIV by RH Software or Gigabyte's SIV?
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    Sudden Computer Power-off while gaming on new build: Help reading logs for diagnosis?

    Have you looked in Event Viewer? Any unexpected shut downs will have one or more log entries in Administrative Events. To open Event Viewer just click on Start and type Event Viewer. Administrative Events should be listed under Custom Views. Event ID 6008 is an unexpected shutdown. You can look...
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    Several voltages on Winbond / Nuvoton W83667HG sensor are shown with halved values after upgrade to 6.28 version(ASUS P5Q-PRO motherboard)

    I think I did understand that you think the PSU fried the first 2 GPU's after about 2 months. Your old card that did not require additional PCIE power connections did not fail. Then you put in the GTX 560ti with the Molex to PCIE power adapters, but then took those out and used the original 2...
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    Several voltages on Winbond / Nuvoton W83667HG sensor are shown with halved values after upgrade to 6.28 version(ASUS P5Q-PRO motherboard)

    If your Corsair 550W PSU fried 2 graphics cards, and you are using Molex to PCIE power adapters to power a 3rd GPU so it doesn't get fried, perhaps you should consider replacing the Corsair power supply! If there is really something wrong with it, I would replace it before it fries something...
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    Graph Initial Position & Updated Position

    Windows 11 setting - That's interesting but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I have decided to stay on Windows 10 (21H2-19044.1741) for awhile longer. I Googled this command and it appears to be present in Windows 11 only. On my other machine, new graphs always appear on the Main display...
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    Graph Initial Position & Updated Position

    OK thanks Martin. It's a minor annoyance that in my case Windows has decided to place new graphs on my small internal display. I wonder if disconnecting all the displays and then reconnecting them in a different order will change which display Windows puts the graph on by default. I'll play...
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    Graph Initial Position & Updated Position

    Thanks Martin. Can you be more specific about initial graph location being "decided by Windows"? Is there a way that I can globally change where Windows decides to put a new graph?
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    Graph Initial Position & Updated Position

    WHINFO Pro v7.25-4780 beta I am trying to understand where HWINFO opens a graph of a sensor item in systems with multiple displays, and when new location coordinates are saved. I am seeing some inconsistent behavior that I will attempt to describe. My system has 4 assorted displays connected...
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    Corsair HX1000i PSU Efficency calculation bug

    Hmm... You're right. Pin 14 carries -12VDC. I wonder what this is used for and how much current is typically required on this rail.
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    New to HWINFO and pc builds - need some help understanding the logs.

    Unigine Heaven, Valley, and Superposition are also commonly used benchmarks for GPU. Furmark is also a good one. Different benchmarks test different aspects of GPU performance.
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    LogViewer for HWINFO is available !

    Thanks Tom. The Marker is a really nice addition.
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    Compatible hardware for temperature monitoring

    Yes I suppose you could use fans with a built in temp sensor as a "down and dirty" way to get some extra air moving across critical areas, and you could put a DC fan on a CPU cooler and a couple of PWM fans on a mobo PWM port and call it done. Some people like to monitor temp sensor data and/or...
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    Compatible hardware for temperature monitoring

    Yeah I have been looking for a Utilitube D5 150 Pro Leakshield and a High Flow Next in the US for quite some time. I don't know if you are in the US. If you are, ModMyMods has the Quadro and Octo in stock right now. The prices have gone up from when I bought my Octo but such is life. If you are...
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    Compatible hardware for temperature monitoring

    I usually buy high end Asus boards and I gave up on their fan and RGB control years ago. I moved onto Corsair Link, then using Corsair controllers under SIV control, then finally to Aquasuite. There is no going back. It bugs me that the higher end boards have a bunch of PWM fan ports, pump port...
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    Compatible hardware for temperature monitoring

    Aquacomputer all the way. Not only can you import the temp data into HWINFO, you can run Aquasuite and import all of the HWINFO data into it. Aquasuite is thee most powerful cooling control software out there. You mentioned fan ports not being mandatory. If the temp sensors are plugged into a...
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    Add-ons page has some non-working download links

    That's strange. I just tried all 3 of these. Clicking on the download link for the first 2 results in the file(s) being downloaded. Clicking on the 3rd one takes me to the following.
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    Option to not minimize to tray?

    While the HWINFO program icon is visible in the task bar, I just right click on it and select "Pin to Taskbar".
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    LogViewer for HWINFO is available !

    Great work Tom. Thanks for these new features.