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    [request] Please add basic and/or logic conjunction to fan control sensors

    Please add basic and/or logic conjunction to fan control sensors. Example: Fan1 table controled by Sensor 1 AND(both needed)/OR(one needed) Sensor 2. Also make the sensor work properly if the sensor isnt always available, for example dGPU temperature. Also please add an manual override every...
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    [request] Please give proper options for systray formatting

    Please give option for a proper devider and multiplicator, in its current form the systray is useless for most sensor readings. Instead of the hard coded "divide by 1000" please give option for it being customizable. - divide by x - multiply by x - decimals (n.m) allow a zero value too -...
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    [bug] GPU Power not showing up anymore

    Just noticed, that with latest version, the GPU Power value is blank and not showing up anymore. This worked before. For a Nvidia GTX1070.
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    [bug] tray icon white color is black

    255 255 255 = white not working becoming black, changing it to 254 255 255 works and is "white". version 6.02 stable.
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    [bug?] HwInfo doesnt store OSD settings anymore properly

    Since one of the last beta builds I noticed, that HwInfo doesnt store OSD (RTSS) settings anymore correctly, for sensors/tabs which arent enabled during init phase of HwInfo. This worked before properly. Example RTSS FPS counter, or dGPU sensor readings. Even after the sensors are later...
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    [REQUEST] Write to EC /manual fan control on Dell XPS laptops

    Hey, I wonder if it would be possible to implement a write to / dump EC register mechanism into HwInfo? I am actually trying to find a way to deactivate EC fan control and let HwInfo control the fans, for the Dell XPS 15 9570. Sending values to the fans works with HwInfo, but the EC...
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    Dell XPS 15 9570 temperatures not named anymore

    Hey, not sure when this happened, mostly around one of the last bios updates, but HwInfo doesnt show the EC temperature values anymore with coresponding names now: before: So not sure if the order is still the same.