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    New to HWINFO and pc builds - need some help understanding the logs.

    For a 3080 (or any Nvidia card with raytracing), I suggest a couple hrs of Pure RT Its based on Unreal engine 4 which is famous to be GPU stability sensitive. I usually let it run 6 to 8hrs
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    Request for Display Dynamic HZ info

    Just to be clear, this is not an hardware "sensor". All that line does in Aida is display the currently used desktop refresh rate. This will NOT update/sync with VRR (G-sync or Freesync). It will only display the current windows set refresh rate, which should correspond to the max refresh rate...
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    HWinfo makes update corsair watercooling glitch during update

    I have a bug that goes in a similar way. After updating to beta 7.01 4420, whenever I hit the reset timer button, my water temp sensor which is attached to a corsair commander, glitches and gives me a zero reading (which means loss of communication) it will only last a couple mili seconds but...
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    VR VCC Temperature (SVID) sometimes is does not show up, sometimes it does.

    I was having the same issue on my Asus Maximus XII Formula, the latency on the Asus EC was so high that when lauching HWinfo, some sensor would only show up once everyt 5 launch. After a lot of testing I found out that completely disabling the C-states in the bios fixed this. I still use...
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    Display HWiNFO data on an Android or iOS device

    Started using this app 3 days ago. Smple install, fairly intuitive gui and very efficient. 3 comments/ suggestions: -Cannot use decimals in the Value Format tab. For Vcore this would be nice as putting a range of 0-2 is not very accurate. Being able to use 0.5 - 1.4 would be much more...