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  1. marchbiking

    Request for Display Dynamic HZ info

    @Martin , would LOVE if youd be able to do me a proper solid by adding dynamic HZ readout for Displays , need it for RTSS , Unwinder cant do it ...already asked, he managed to add dynamic resolution detection , but not dynamic HZ aka frequency detection , really need this to complete my OSD...
  2. marchbiking

    Request for Current Resolution used support

    please add support for readout of Current Resolution used , same like readout for FPS is supported , would be appreciated , need that sensor in RTSS OSD
  3. marchbiking

    feature request:HWinfo64 Sensor Values Columns combined with labels

    would it be possible for you to have the labels with the sensor values together when using multiple sensor values in a line in rivatuner osd, for example: instead of it being like it currently is> label1 label2 label3: value1 value2 value3 it being like this: label1: value1 label2:value2...