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  1. hansbrau

    Hi everybody!!

    Hi, I'm also recently on the forum. I can advise George Orwell it has excellent works "1984" "Animal Farm: A Fairy Story". Recently I started reading a book by Yevgeny Ponasenkov about the war of 1812, it is quite interestin
  2. hansbrau

    ask for advice about books

    I don't even know what to advise, I like to read more fiction. I think good science fiction can teach something too.
  3. hansbrau

    Agnes, my Chihuahua

    I really sympathize. My girlfriend had Chihua Hua, he was only 3 months old, once he accidentally fell from a small chair and hit his head. But nothing boded trouble. Rather, he stopped eating, became lethargic. When we went to the vet, he said that his crown was damaged and nothing could be...