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  1. cosmepaulo

    No PCH temp reading after BIOS update on MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON

    So, been trying diferent BIOS on the board and i noticed when the PCH temp on hwinfo stopped working on newer bios. Bios ver. 7B17v15 - changelog of last bios with working pch temp. - Update RST driver to 17.2 - Update Microcode to support upcoming cpu. Bios ver. 7B17v16 - changelog of bios...
  2. cosmepaulo

    AUXTIN1 + Vcore readings

    Hello, im having trouble with my vcore and auxtin1 values.. My BIOS monitor says i´m using 1.32v but hwinfo (and others like cpu-z etc) is reporting 1.48v at full what should i believe?  My temps are 65/70c with the reported 1.48v which seems unrealistic really.. AUXTIN1 is...