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    Corsair HX1500i Not detected

    My Corsair HX1200i has been replaced with a HX1500i by Corsair under warranty the HX1200i was picked up fine with hwinfo the HX1500i isnt being picked up any chance of adding support i can pass on any info you require and test etc.. thanks USB\VID_1B1C&PID_1C1F&REV_0100 [Port4] : Corsair...
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    Power (Input) Wrong Z390 Aorus Master

    3 Cores Prime 95 Small FFT Power (POUT) 98.000 W Power (INPUT) 112.500 W Looks fine 16 Thread Prime 95 Small FFT Power (POUT) 220.500 W Power (INPUT) 188.000 W (This seems to be the max it can goto) It should be around 250 W at a guess