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  1. jsmorley

    Question about 3.1.0 of the plugin

    I actually have some heartburn with this change. While having the error codes available when you are debugging a skin is a good thing, in practice not being able to turn this off when you are done with the skin causes some real cosmetic ugliness, and some errors in the log that shouldn't be...
  2. jsmorley

    Missing VS2013 CRT Dll's

    Stangowner, We have updated the development environment for Rainmeter 3.3 r2493 (release candidate 1) to VS2015, and this is causing a bit of an issue with the HWiNFO plugin for Rainmeter.  The issue is that you are apparently dynamically linking to the VS2013 CRT runtime libraries, and we...
  3. jsmorley

    Plugin works really well with Rainmeter

    As one of the Rainmeter developers, I just wanted to stop by and say that the combination of HWInfo and this Rainmeter plugin really works well. The broad range of information available for skins is terrific, the plugin is very easy to use and configure with the HWiNFOSharedMemoryViewer addon...