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  1. PhotM

    Strange CPU Tempurature Event :huh:

    Hi Martin, I have never seen anything like this before!!!  :huh: I run 3 partitions currently: Main: W 8.1.3 Pro; Beta: W 10.3.0 Pro IP 10166; Patch Test: W 8.1.3 Pro.  I have been running on the "Beta" quite a bit lately. This morning, when I powered up and logged on to Beta, and a...
  2. PhotM

    Physical & Virtual running HWiNFO64

    Hi Martin, I don't know whether you have done this, so I thought I would sent you this in case you haven't seen it before. These debug file(I am not getting the "Reports" mentioned under "Bugs") are from both Physical and Virtual(in MS Hyper-V) HWiNFO running at the same time. Enjoy :D By the...
  3. PhotM

    AMD GFX Card GPU VDDC Error

    Hi Martin, I have just noticed an inaccurate voltage for my AMD GFX Card that used to be OK, I believe.... GPU VDDC -9999.000 V 1.200 V Max (which I believe used to be the current) AMD ATI 6870 (ASUS) Thanks for your consideration, Best Regards, Crysta
  4. PhotM

    GPU Serial Number?

    Hi Martin, I would like to register my Asus GPU that came in my Certified Data custom built tower by London Drugs. I was wondering if there is anyway to "read" the serial number virtually like you are able to glean so much other useful data like both the Asus and AMD ATI model numbers of the...
  5. PhotM

    VRM and Disappearing Bugs with Debug Mode

    Hi Martin, I promise you that I am not trying to find Red Herrings for you, but I have another very strange one(nothing to do with the registry this time :D ). This is a case of appearing, then disappearing when I turn Debug mode on, and then reappearing when I turn it off, of the VRM...
  6. PhotM

    Unusual HWiNFO64 CPU Usage?

    Hi Martin, I don't know if this will make sense to you or not? I almost hate to bring it up, so after mulling it for a couple of days, I have decided to. Sometime after I installed the latest Beta, I noticed that HWiNFO64 was using very regular spurts of CPU, usually up to about 12.5%. I...
  7. PhotM

    Battery measurements, To Be or Not To Be?

    Hi Martin, I realize that the battery readings are primarily for laptops and therefore 2 digit places is usually enough. On my Tower Desktop system it shows 20.70 V which is almost accurate except that my Battery is a UPS and the voltage is 120.70 V or there abouts. So you see my dalema. Do...
  8. PhotM

    Virtual Memory ... Which one?

    I am using 2 kinds of virtual memory: 1. the Page File on Hard Disk C. 2. A Extreme Speed Photo 8 GB SD Card in the SD port configured to ReadyBoost. I really like this allot!!! Which one are you looking at in the Sensors? Thank You.... ;)