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  1. viswagoku

    Network Data rate limit HWiNFO Gadget

    hey guys.. i noticed that the max limit of Rate of Data transfer in the Gadget is 9999.. is there anyway to increase the limit? it shown 11k KB/s on the Sensor status list.. :) and could you add a feature to change the UNIT? KB-MB or to GB Thanks
  2. viswagoku

    Renaming Sensor OSD label name

    hey guys.. i have a lot of things showing up on my osd (all i need lol) is there anyway to rename the label without renaming the layout name? Thanks :D
  3. viswagoku

    Logging start/stop

    Hey guys, Anyway to start logging without (alt+tab) out of the game? like a shortcut to start and stop logging (auto rename too :P) so that we can get more accurate graphs in small sessions (starting from 0 the statistic in the Graph viewer shows up some 0(s) [FPS] [If this has...
  4. viswagoku

    Adding Perfmon Counters onto HWiNO

    Hey guys, it would be awesome if one was able to add perfmon counters onto HWiNFO for logging and monitoring in games :D Has this already been suggested? If so delete this thread :D
  5. viswagoku

    HDD tranfer rates monitoring

    Guys, this maybe a silly question but, is there anyway to add and monitor HDD trasfer rates? write speed, read speed, etc?