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    Fan issue EVGA 780i SLi

    Hello. i have weird issue with fan. It is just wron reading from HWinfo or maybe something could be wrong with motherboard ??
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    7.02 FAN bug

    Hello. In HWinfo 7.01.4425 i have VRM FAN but in 7.02 there is no fan readings. Crosshair VIII Impact And one more thing in changelog you mentioned Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VIII EXTREME. If i am correct there is no Extreme variant in Crosshair VIII. OR is it some new...
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    HWi 701_4415 Vcore bug

    Hello. Iwant report bad Vcore reading on my Maximus XII Z490 Apex tested HWi 7.0 and 7.01. That Low Vcore is not possible system would immediately froze or restart. In past i try undervolting and know that under 0.6xxV my PC crash so 0.044V is imposible :D when i turn on debug mode i will not...
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    Wake up problem.

    Hello. i'm not 100% sure that Hwinfo is the problem but, after wake up my PC have crackling and popping sound problem. I found program LatencMon and it showing that i have audio problem and ACPI.sys have high latency. if i shut down HWinfo everything looks good. but sound isnt 100% back but its...
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    HDD S.M.A.R.T sensors

    Hello, I have question lately i notice my HDD are little bit noisy, in idle when PC doing nothing coming from HDD buzzing noise like they are in heavy load read of write data for short of time but its over and over again in period of time, ( for OS i have SSD and 2 normal HDD so noone can say...