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    Remove all decimal values?

    Is there an easy way to set all values to whole numbers only? Rather than modifying each and very single sensor manually?
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    Missing sensor outputs

    Missing quite few in 701_4425 BETA that were in 701_4410 BETA, see attached screenshots. 4410: 4425:
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    CPU Package temp missing?

    v6.35.4320.0 and v6.40.4330.0. CPU Package temperature is missing. It is present on v6.35.4310.0. eVGA Z390 Dark, 9900K.
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    Z390 Dark CPU temp sensor

    Specifically the Maxim MX1617 (green) always appears to shows minimum of 47°. Two other sensors, DTS (red), and Enhanced (blue) seem to be more in agreement and go up and down based on ambient temp. Also, max temp on Maxim sensor is lower than the other two. Is it possible the Maxim sensor is...
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    Corsair Commander

    I have a Corsair Commander Pro, which HWiNFO does display temperatures and voltages from. However, I cannot get HWiNFO to display fans. AIDA64 displays the fans connected to the Commander Pro, as well as the temperatures. I have tried several fans, and several versions of HWiNFO.
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    DRAM power?

    There was a sensor called DRAM power, now, I do not see it anymore. eVGA Z390 Dark.
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    Limit reason?

    Under CPU [#0]: Intel Core i9-9900K: Performance Limit Reasons, IA: Max Turbo Limit is YES. What causes that? Thanks
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    nvme temps

    I notice that my Samsung 960EVO has two temperatures; Drive temperature and Drive temperature 2. I believe one is for the controller, and I am unsure about the other one. What is the second temperature sensor for, and which is which?