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    RAID-0 read speed

    Hello, Is it possible get  RAID-0 drives as one, now I get individual readings for the two SSDs. Thanks for the great work.
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    server role in series

    Is there a way to link 3 machines in series. I mean, pc1 as server to pc2 and then pc2 as server with pc1 and pc2 info to pc3? Pc1 has one NIC, pc2 has 2 NICs one to pc1 and the other to pc3. And I can't bridge pc2 NICs Hope I made myself clear. Thanks
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    Auto logging

    I've seen some post about the subject but they are old. Is it still no possible to start logging on startup? Whats the limitation for this to be available? Thanks for the great soft.
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    Monitor Server limit

    Hey all, First I must say that HWinfo is a great piece software. Im using HWinfo to remotely monitor the performance of some machines used to render realtime video. The system is Wachout from Dataton.  Depending on the situation the the bottleneck can be the SSD read speed, CPU...