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    Suggestion: Change Sensor Value Background Color Upon Change of Sensor Value

    Greetings Kind Regards Re/ 64 Pro v. 726-4800 May I suggest in order to easily notice changes in Sensor values such values be displayed w/ a changed text background color. As an example upon a change of value change the white text background to let's say orange then after a period of time let's...
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    Greetings Kind Regards Re/ 64 Pro v. 726-4800 Task Manager declares it Suspended screen shot attached though it seems to be functioning as Sensor page displays values. Kindly Advise Thank You
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    Many Drivers on Start-Up

    Greetings Kind Regards The attached image shows a number of HWiNFO drivers in the Start-Up list. Is this an error?
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    CPU temperature not displayed by TThrottle

    Greetings and Kind Regards After installing the current version of HWiNFO v7.00-4400, TThrottle v7.72 no longer displays the CPU temperature. Previous versions of HWiNFO worked properly. Please advise. A Log file and DBG file are attached however when attaching the DBG file the following message...