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    Request to add blacklist for some buggy USB connected devices

    Some devices have bad drivers/implementation under Windows OS for different reasons... Recently I've bought a retro arcade USB joystick Speedlink Competition Pro and noticed it has a serious issue with Windows: for weird reasons when USB connected devices are enumerated over HID in Win10, it...
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    AUO B173HAN03.2 display wrong data?

    It's not a monochrome display of course. It's the 144Hz display mounted on ASUS gaming laptops GL703GS:
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    Constantly and intermittently accessing disk

    When I start the Temp monitor I see my HD led constantly and intermittently turning on like a periodic disk access every 1s.... As far I can remember I have no text output log enabled. When I close the temp monitor the issue disappears. What can it be? EDIT: Oh! As often happens I've just...
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    Potential security issue?

    Just wondering... Since the tool runs elevated with admin rights, clicking on the task URLs (upgrade, www site etc.) may lead to security issues because the opening browser will inherit and go on the net with the same privileges (disabling also Protected mode for example with IE...). Then the...
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    USB external HD not listed in Drives

    Windows 7 x64. If I connect an external HD to my USB Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller port I can't see it listed anywhere in Drives or under USB node. Wanted to determinate the HD model and RPM but couldn't with HWiNfo64 4.14-1880. :-/ Other tools like SIW will show it as a normal...
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    Sensors: Virtual Memory usage bug

    Here is what V3.90-1430 (32bit) displays for me: Win7 x64 4GB RAM... EDIT: HWiNFO64 V3.90-1430 is ok instead! :)
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    Incorrect GPU mem clock reading (AMD HD5870M)

    The "current" GPU mem clock reported by HWiNFO32 3.89-1420 is incorrect: Laptop MSI GX660, AMD HD5870M... Win7 x64...
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    Incorrect GPU Memory report

    Hi, a picture is worth a thousand words: As you can see the GPU memory reported for my GeForce 9600M GT is different from GPU-z... BTW, can you add in the generic System Summary panel also the default GPU clock (e.g. 500/400/1250, clock/mem/shader) + computing infos (OpenCL, Cuda, PhysX...
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    Missing icons in the traybar after explorer.exe restart

    If for some reasons I have to restart explorer.exe and I had HWinfo32 iconified with sensors tray-icons they simply disappear and I'm unable to open HWinfo32 window anymore. All I can do is killing the task and restart it. Repro steps: 1. run HWInfo32 and iconify it in the traybar with...
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    (U)DMA or not?

    I've noticed that Device Manager reports UDMA mode is ON, but HWinfo32 says it's in MultiWordDMA mode... Who's right? :)
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    Battery NiMH instead of LIon

    The battery says I've a NiMH instead of Li ion one... Pavilion DV5 1110el (ITA), Win7 Ultimate x86. This happens randomly, and not only for HWinfo32 :( There's a technical explanation?