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    micro stuttering 3080, 3900x

    I have been having problems with micro stuttering for a while. I have tried everything to fix them but nothing has worked. i recently did a hwinfo check and wanted to see if any experts can help me pinpoint the problem. Build: ryzen 9 3900x gigabyte b550 aorus nvidia gefore 3080 32gb ram...
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    data of 3900X not showing up

    Just installed a new 3900X on my computer with motherboard X570 tuf plus (wifi). I have no idea why some of the sensors are disappearing Reinstalling hwinfo for a few times has been tried
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    Zen 2 CPU Core Voltage vs VR VOUT Voltage

    During idle, my 3900X (running at stock) CPU core voltage drops to around 1V, with occasional spikes to around 1.4-1.5V, which I believe is standard behaviour. However, the VR VOUT value never drops below 1.4V at idle. Under load both values sit around 1.25V. From what I understand, CPU core...