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    AMD Vega 64 missing 2 GPU temp sensors in versions 6.26 onwards

    Hi Martin! My GPU is AMD Vega 64 and I am on driver version Radeon Pro Driver 20.Q2.1. I normally have 5 GPU temp sensors: GPU Core GPU Hot Spot GPU Memory GPU VRM GPU Memory VRM temps In version 6.26 onwards (tested and confirmed on 6.28 as well) the GPU VRM and GPU Memory VRM temps are no...
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    i upgrade from asus rog rx 580 to msi gaming x 5700xt but the vrm temp was 0°C vrm temp is fine on rx 580 but its showing 0°C in 5700xt. is this some bug, driver issue or just my sensor is broken? thank you .
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    GPU temperatures

    Hi , all my gpu temperatures are meausring the same on aida 64 stability test . the temperatures are right ? I wish that the core and memory temperatures was accurate , there are meausiring the same so I don´t know if they are . GPU model : XFX RX 580 GTS XXX 4gb
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    the gpu sensor shows same value on gpu , memory, etc....also vrm temp monitoring is gone? is this some hardware issue? i'm using latest amd driver 19.12.3 latest bios latest aorus engine sorry if im posting in the wrong forum section. thanks.
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    Asrock X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 missing memory voltage monitoring

    I'm pretty sure this motherboard has memory voltage sensor but HWiNFO64 (the latest version) is not showing memory voltage While Asrock's Phantom gaming tuning software does show memory voltage. I would appreciate it if you guys can look into it
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    HWinfo does not show FX 8320e Power Usage

    I've bought a new M5A99 FX PRO R2.0 + FX 8320e kit, and I can't make it to show the power usage in any way. Would be something i did wrong the BIOS ? I didn't reinstall windows, still using the same ssd of my old fx 6300 + M5A97 LE R2.0 (which showed the power consumption)
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    Incorrect L3 cache configuration on AMD Raven Ridge (Ryzen 3 2200G)

    The application is reporting that the L3 cache is 2x2MB. This is incorrect as Raven Ridge is a single 4-core CCX with 4MB L3. This occurs with the latest stable (6.10) and the latest beta (6.11-3890)