1. D

    Why is my VR loop1, VR loop2 & VR ambient at 328°C

    Today I checked my pc-s temps for no particular reason and I saw that my VR loop1, VR loop2 & VR ambient is at 328°C for some reason. I restarted my pc and downloaded a newer Hwinfo version (from 7.2 to 8.0) but nothing changed. I looked in too why this is happening or is this normal and Im...
  2. H

    ASRock A520M-HDV strange HWinfo temperatures

    HWinfo version 7.44-5100 show some strange temperatures of ASRock A520M-HDV bios 2.73 Some numbers are over 100 C !! I touched all the components and none is hot. Actually from 50C and above would be impossible to touch them anyway. I send a screenshot.
  3. Teknophage

    ASRock Taichi TRX40 & ADATA XPG SPECTRIX D41 RGB issue with HWiNFO64

    I've discovered that having HWiNFO64 loading causes even the numbered banks of RGB RAM to no longer accept requests from the Polychrome RGB controller. I attempted to exclude SMBus address x6A, which did not resolve the issue. This address is reported to be the Nuvoton NCT6796D address for RGB...