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    Cooling issues (chassis fan1 and the cpu fans)

    I'm not sure if this is the place to be posting this, but I have contacted ASUS in an effort to resolve this, so here goes anyway. Not too long ago I updated my BIOS (MOBO is prime x470 pro) to get support for a new 5600x. I haven't used HWINFO up until that point either. What followed after...
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    Asus rog strix X470i gaming false 12v reading

    Hello I've noticed an inaccurate/false reading in monitoring apps when i check the 12v rail voltage on my system. The bios shows 11.964V, but the monitoring apps (including hwinfo64, hwmonitor, aida, etc...) shows only around 10V. The graphic card's sensor see the right 12v value for the...