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    My CPU (PC) crashes when starting a game or using to much cpu power

    Dear HWInfo Community, since my PC shuts down as soon I start a game, I start searching for a solution. Now I downloaded HWInfo and started the program, to see what the reason is. I knew from the begining on that it has som ething to do with my CPU, since I Overclocked (undervolting) it back...
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    BIOS Update, normal behavior?

    Hi, I performed a BIOS Update to AGESA 1.2.0. After checking the temps with HWInfo, im getting strange values. Is this a normal behavior for Tctl and Tdie readouts? Never mentioned before that Tdie runs higher than Tctl. Thanks for help!
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    Small feature request: Read BIOS version in hwinfo

    Hi. I am doing a lot of stability testing with my system, and because of WHEA issues and increased temperatures on certain BIOS versions, I haven't made up my mind on what BIOS I am going to stick with yet. In this endeavor I am using hwinfo a lot, but I have to keep AIDA, CPU-z or similar...