1. A

    GPU fan speed is incorrect

    I've noticed that HWinfo is reporting completely incorrect maximum fan speed for my Gigabyte Aorus Master 4090, as you can see from the attached photo.
  2. G

    Unable to load a driver on this device - Driver: HWiNFO AMD64 Kernel Driver

    hi, today after updating my pc this message popped up on the screen. Could you help me understand what it is and above all how to fix it? Thank you Translation error: The driver cannot be loaded because it is not compatible with a Windows security mitigation called Hardware-enforced stack...
  3. storm

    Hwinfo64 show L3 cache frequency/clock wrong || r5 5500

    My ryzen 5 5500 show 12ghz cache clock my processor max clock is 4.25 max so its bug or something wrong in my pc
  4. M

    Analyzing Memory Configuration

    Every time I try to run HWiNFO64 the program wont respond and gets stuck on Analyzing memory Configuration. The program worked fine when I would try to use it yesterday, but now it won't work correctly. Does anyone have any suggestions?