core temperature

  1. Monaturca

    49 Celsius difference between CPU Tctl and TSI temperatures.

    I really don't understand it. I changed my thermal paste over and over to check if it changes a little bit but it never changes. I was checking it for like 6 months and its always 49.0 Celsius. Why is it like that? I don't think its supposed to be that much different. My cpu is AMD A10 7890K
  2. chraac

    EPYC Rome ES CPU temperature

    I recently purchase a 7452 QS 57-04 on EPYCD8, 8x16GB 2400. And I found that some temperature in HWInfo64 was ridiculous high: As you can see that "CPU Die (average)" was around 72°C and when I run the Prime95 torture test it'll quick raise up to 100°C (TjMax), but the CCD temp seems pretty low...
  3. C

    CPU Core Temperature crossed out on Ryzen 7 2700

    I am trying to find the core temperature, but it is crossed out (see picture). Is this bad? How can I enable it? It is not disabled in settings. My mobo is the Asus Prime B450-Plus if it helps. I do not remember this happening before, and a reboot doesn't fix it. I haven't changed anything in...