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    What are the specific conditions for a CPU to get flagged as thermal throttling by HWinfo64?

    I Wanted to know how the thermal throttling flag in HWinfo64 works. Does the CPU get flagged as thermal throttling as soon as it starts to reduce its 'boost' clockspeed or is there a certain threshold for it?
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    MSI Katana GF66 core clock speed decreases when in a stress test by prime95 from 4.5GHz to 1.5GHz

    Hello all, I was thinking of buying a cooler since my laptop was getting heated up when playing games these days. I'm also planning to change the thermal paste, but before doing so, I was doing a stress test using prime95 "Small FFTs (tests L1/L2/L3 caches, maximum power/heat/CPU stress)"...
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    What is the difference between Average Effective Clock and Core Effective Clocks (avg)?

    Pretty much what the title asks. I've seen on AMD Zen 4 these two values are identical, but on Intel these two values are very similar, but slightly different. Related, how does calculating average effective clock on Intel big/little architectures like Alder Lake and Raptor Lake handled in this...
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    Dell 7750 wrong CPU Clocks

    Hi, got an issue since a few Versions. HWiNFO is reading strange Core Clocks. HWMonitor/CPU-Z for example reads the Core Clocks correctly. Already reinstalled HWiNfo, cleared the Folder/Settings File. Its reading the ratio correct, but the Bus Clock is a little bit low: Best Regards :-)