cpu monitoring

  1. Fffony

    HWINFO64 showing only 1 core CPU usage after bios reset

    Hello everyone, just reseted bios after failing RAM overclock, and this started to happen... Suddenly hwinfo doesn't show the utilization of all cores. Playing cyberpunk 2077, before that it showed all cpu core utilization, but now it shows only one. Task manager shows that all cores are...
  2. C


  3. R

    Pc stuttering due to cpu monitoring in hwinfo64 (Windows 11)

    My pc started stuttering/lagging whenever I opened hwinfo64 and found that it was this specific sensor which was causing the issue. I had to disable monitoring of the whole cpu section to remove the stuttering. Please can someone help me on this? I am worried if this is any kind of hardware...

    CPU Temp Monitoring

    Hi everyone. I need help... I am confused with different readings from monitoring my CPU temp. I tried to find an answer in various forums but only got more confused, can someone explain in a simple way the difference in the following please ? HWINFO64 gives me these readings. (Section) CPU...