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    Hwinfo64 is giving me random Crashes/BSODs/Shutdowns - 100% sure its the cause. Mobo compatibility related (Maxsun)

    Rant: Hey, after 5 days of debugging, I finally found out what was making my new system crash/BSOD. It was HwInfo64, latest version (got my new setup this monday, been testing from mon to friday non-stop). I fucking love this program but this time it almost killed my brain and made me return a...
  2. K

    HWiNFO64 frequent background crashes

    Getting crashes very regularly while running sensors in the background. Tried to attach my DBG file but the forum error states it's too large for the server to process. It's 39MB. This upload should be good for 30 days:
  3. M

    Was wondering if someone could help me decipher this .csv file I got from HWINFO

    I've been experiencing crashes for a while now, they're hard reboots with no .dmps or bsod created. Just shutdown and restart, so lately I've been trying different methods I've been getting from other forums. But I saw that you guys had the logging function on HWINFO and a viewer created for it...
  4. T

    [HELP] hwi 630 or any other version crashes while detecting sensors

    Hi folks, title says it all... issue started a week ago
  5. A

    HWiNFO64 crashes and PC freezes while in detecting ATA/SCSI Drive/s step

    Hello, just came across this issue when starting up HWiNFO64 yesterday - It was working fine just a few days ago. The issue is that the application stops responding while detecting ATA/SCSI Drive/s. Killing it via task manager doesn't work, and forcing a kill through the command line returns an...