1. lockground

    PUBG Crashes my system

    I hope someone can help to find the cause of my PC crashing. The system is less than six months old I play games sometimes, all of them except PUBG run great on 4k Ultra/High. But PUBG can sometimes cause my PC to suddenly shut down. After such situations, I usually manually check the...
  2. S

    HWiNFO64 automatically closes since these past 4 5 days

    Hey everyone, i have noticed that whenever i try to open HWiNFO it asks me if i should allow this app to make changes I click on YES Then HWiNFO starts and automatically closes on its own. Not only that but if i try to go into program files/HWiNFO64 then the whole window will close on its own...
  3. HakzoPhobic

    Need help figuring out what is causing random freezes and crashes on my computer (log file)

    Hi, so my pc has been crashing a lot lately seemingly at random but also usually happens when playing games. Entire PC would just freeze or black screen and id have to restart it. This has happened before so I replaced my cooler fan recently thinking it was due to my CPU overheating, but the...
  4. J

    Regular PC Crashes

    Hi all, I am experiencing frequent crashes, sometimes full crash and auto reboot and other freezing then I have to manually reboot. I am pretty new to this kind of fault-finding so please bear with me. My PC has been very stable for a long time and I have only recently seen this happen, no...
  5. J

    Laptop keep freezing sudden shutdown after fan control

    I have laptop it's Dell inspiron 15 5559 with one single fan. It's too slow so I decided to custom fan speed the fan 4900 rpm when i play games after a few minutes it keeps freezing and shutting down the temp and everything is normal that's the only issue, I just use for fan speed