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    How to disable welcome warning - This is a 64-bit system and HWiNFO32 - List of all HWiNFO32.ini settings available

    Hello Friends, While opening 32 bit version I got welcome warning: This is a 64-bit system and HWiNFO32 might not work properly here. Use HWiNFO64 instead. I would like to disable it on startup. Is there some sort of HWiNFO32.ini settings to accomplishe that? I was looking for some...
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    Config (settings) files location

    Hi, Sorry if this was posted before but I'm upgrading my SSD and gonna install a fresh copy of windows. I have HWiNFO set up with Rivatuner to show the things I want in the order I want and I'd rather not have to manually go through it all over again. Can someone tell me where the settings are...