die sense

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    Z490 Dark Kingpin Die Sense voltage readings

    Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to add Die Sense readings to the next revision of hwinfo for the z490 dark kingpin? The board uses the intersil ISL99227 Smart Power Stages, and I am 50% sure they use the same controller as the z490 ftw which is the Intersil ISL69138 Thank you
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    Z490 Various Board Die Sense Readings

    Hi, I am an owner of a Z490 unify and i was wondering if die sense implementation on hwinfo is possible. There is also other boards that have the same controller and lack the die sense readings on hwinfo such as the z490i unify, z490 meg ace and z490 godlike. This board uses the Intersil 69269...
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    MSI Z490 Unify Die Sense Voltage Readings

    Hi, I am a current owner of the MSI Z490 Unify and i was wondering if it was possible for hwinfo development team to work on a VR OUT reading in hwinfo for this board, as it does have the controller capable of outputting VR OUT voltage readings (Die Sense) which are much more accurate than the...