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    Cooling issues (chassis fan1 and the cpu fans)

    I'm not sure if this is the place to be posting this, but I have contacted ASUS in an effort to resolve this, so here goes anyway. Not too long ago I updated my BIOS (MOBO is prime x470 pro) to get support for a new 5600x. I haven't used HWINFO up until that point either. What followed after...
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    Chassis Fan Speed Read 3000 rpm+

    My chassis Fan 5 speed read is above 3000 rpm. The 4-pin head is connected with 3 Nocture PWM fans (1300 rpms) using a splitter. Is this the read for total rpms for all 3 fans?
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    I can set my fan speed only at 0, 2800 or 5100.

    Hello everyone. I have an issue I would say. I have a laptop (Dell G3 3579) which is extremely noisy when I play some game on it. The thing is, program is allows me to set my fans to 0, 2800 or 5100. Nothing between it. I bought a cooling pad to decrease the noise but it didn't help. I think...