feature request

  1. G

    Is there a way to hide the grid in the monitoring windows?

    And if there isn't, I would kindly request for this feature to become a thing. :D I have searched for this feature (without success, hence this post) and found plenty of filled requests from the Dev. Here's hoping PS: If anybody has general monitoring advice I'd love to hear it. I have been a...
  2. Mr_SeLeNiO

    [Feature request] Sensor Status auto scroll with tray icons

    It would be nice if when we double click a tray icon, by default, the sensor status window scrolled to the category where that sensor belong. And optionaly, select which category we want to scroll to for a given icon tray, for example, I have way more tray icons for cpu than gpu, but if I could...
  3. T

    Automatic Update Only Version

    Hello, I am only an occasional user of HWiNFO64 and both my usage frequency and scope do not justify purchase of the Pro version just to get the Automatic Update feature. Please consider adding a version with (or option to purchase) only the auto-update feature. I'd happily pay $1-2 for this...
  4. I

    Is there a way to disable the alarms when a certain program is running?

    I have my laptop's alarms set to go off when its temperature goes over 80C and when its battery goes under 30 or over 80% which works pretty fine normally, but when I use it to run something in VR it's basically guaranteed to exceed the alarm thresholds. constantly hearing my alarm sound in game...
  5. B

    Feature Request: Add Log toggle in Sensor context menu

    Hoping it wouldn’t be too much hassle to add “Logging On/Off” per sensor in the right-click context menu, similar to “Monitoring” toggle. This would make choosing relevant sensors to log easier/quicker than selecting groups or all unnecessary sensors, then disabling Logging in the “Customize”...
  6. birdie

    Quick search bar

    Would be great to get something like this: Where you can enter a search term and see the matching results (both variable names and their values) in a plain list. Would be great to get something like that for the sensors window as well. Thank you!
  7. BlindBison

    Feature Request: Have Unique Color for Overlay Custom Labels ("CPU:", "FPS:", etc)

    In this image, I would love to be able to have the "CPU:" / "GPU:" / "RAM:" / "FPS:" labels be a different color from the actual percentage/mhz/temp values, but at this time it doesn't seem like this is possible. For further context, I'm referring to these custom labels you can make here -- I'd...