1. M

    HWINFO64 7.70 RTSS Reporting 0FPS instead of Greying out

    Hello, Not sure if this is reported, but since upgrading to version 7.70-5350 the FPS value from RTLSS randomly hits 0 whilst playing a game then returns to showing the value. I tested with version 7.68 and the same issue, then I installed 7.62 and noticed it doesn't hit 0FPS but it does grey...
  2. M

    Windows Hardware Errors for PCI/PCIe Bus Errors - Myst

    Hello, my friends recently checked on my pc and found out I had WHEA problems. My PC seems fine which is why I am lost on why I even get these errors. My friends recommended to buy a new GPU to test on my motherboard to see if the GPU is the issue. However, I figured I'd ask here. Anyways, if...
  3. G

    Help with the hwinfo64 stats

    Hi, I'm new to this monitoring app and I wanted to know (through the screenshots I posted) if my cpu values are optimal and if the general values and usage are correct. Thanks in advance for your attention
  4. A

    HWInfo Not Starting on Startup

    HWinfo does not seem to ever start on Startup as asked. I've tried re-enabling Auto Start: I've verified the Task exists in Task Scheduler: And the task is even running, yet HWinfo does not open on startup.
  5. V

    See what API Games use (Sensor)

    Hi. I use Hwinfo to see usage and framerates in game, what I am missing is to be able to see what API games use in the overlay OSD when i play. What i mean with API is that it tells you if the game is using DirectX11 or 12 or OpenGL or Vulkan. This is possible with msi afterburner but i...
  6. D

    HWSDK can be used with C#

    hello, I am learning C# using this C# tutorial https://qawithexperts.com/tutorial/c-sharp I would like to know as there is HWSDK mentioned here https://www.hwinfo.com/sdk/ Is it possible to use HWInfo with C# in Console or web-application? If yes, how any documentation.
  7. BlindBison

    Feature Request: Have Unique Color for Overlay Custom Labels ("CPU:", "FPS:", etc)

    In this image, I would love to be able to have the "CPU:" / "GPU:" / "RAM:" / "FPS:" labels be a different color from the actual percentage/mhz/temp values, but at this time it doesn't seem like this is possible. For further context, I'm referring to these custom labels you can make here -- I'd...
  8. Coool

    SNMP support

    Hi! Does somebody uses or know how to enable SNMP for HWiNFO? So it is possible to monitor with Cacti®? Thanks. P.S. I know already about Prometheus Adapter for HWiNFO (+ Grafana Dashboard)
  9. J

    After uninstallation hwinfo still pops up after starting my PC

    After uninstallation hwinfo still pops up after start i successfully uninstalled hwinfo but it starts every time when i start my pc again.
  10. BlindBison

    Customize Tab -> GPU Temperature -> Decimal Digits getting reset to 1 after GPU Driver Update

    I have an Nvidia 2080 Super -- I finally figured out what was going on. At first I thought it was when I updated HWiNFO64 that caused the decimal digit to reset, but it's actually whenever the GPU Driver itself gets updated. I use the GPU Temp field in my custom overlay, but whenever the gpu...
  11. BlindBison

    If RTSS isn't started before HWiNFO64 then the Framerate/Frametime info doesn't show in the overlay

    To get around this I've had to create a custom startup task for both RTSS and HWiNFO64 so that RTSS always starts before HWiNFO64. It would be nice if this wasn't necessary. For example, if HWiNFO64 periodically checked for RTSS when RTSS FPS/Frame Time values are used in the OSD, something in...
  12. BlindBison

    Can no longer rename Units after latest Update

    HWiNFO UI -> gear icon -> custom tab -> RTSS -> Framerate -> Unit section (top right). In the past/prior updates I could rename this to whatever I wanted (e.g. change FPS to F or / or whatever) -- I would just type it in under the Unit heading and hit Rename. After the latest update this no...
  13. ThirtyIR

    HWInfo "Setup" causes MSI Afterburner Monitoring to Crash!

    I wanted to edit the values that show up in the RTSS OSD via the HWInfo plugin and so in MSI Afterburner, when I click on 'Setup', MSI Afterburner just crashes (closes down completely). I installed the latest Beta of both MSI Afterburner and RTSS and it still does the same (was on the 'stable'...
  14. UKFROG

    CPU Temp Monitoring

    Hi everyone. I need help... I am confused with different readings from monitoring my CPU temp. I tried to find an answer in various forums but only got more confused, can someone explain in a simple way the difference in the following please ? HWINFO64 gives me these readings. (Section) CPU...
  15. T

    Effective Core

    My computer has been stuttering in certain games lately so I tried testing the cpu with Prime95. When I'm running the test the "core 0 t0 effective" as shown in the photo does not increase like the others. Is this just an error on my end or is my cpu dying?
  16. S

    Driver versions 151 and 152 completely broke Kaspersky AV

    Steps to reproduce the problem: 1. Install the latest version of Kaspersky AV: https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.com/homeuser/kis2021/ 2. Update it's database 3. Launch the latest version of HWiNFO (it installs...
  17. Q

    Afterburner + HWinfo - Game Process.exe and RAM usage with Ping how configure it on OSD

    Hello Can you tell me how configure HWinfo to display i used long time ago Combo MSI Afterburner with HWinfo but forgoten how setup this 3 things im know its possible to do it bc i had this in past but didint use software from long time i bought 2070 RTX and wanna use it once again for monitor...
  18. bard990

    Fan speeds not showing after adjusting fan curve

    For the first time I’ve decided to adjust my fan curve for my EVGA 2070 Super. It was on the default curve which has the fans kick in at around 60 C. When I adjust the fans in EVGA Precision and close the program, hwinfo no longer reads the fan speeds. The temperature is correct, but the RPMs...
  19. ShwaBdudle

    hwinfo64 IA: Max Turbo Limit + IA: Turbo Attenuation (MCT). What do they mean?

    I've been scrolling through HWINFO64 and the info that it shows there, and I have noticed that (Yesterday) The "IA: Max Turbo Limit" Was "Current: Yes, Minimum: Yes, Maximum: Yes" and the "IA: Turbo Attenuation (MCT)" Was "Current: Yes, Minimum: No, Maximum: Yes". Currently, Everything on both...
  20. F

    MB to GB. MSI Afterburner does not display numbers after the dot (0.1)

    MB to GB. MSI Afterburner does not display numbers after the dot (0.1) Check out this article to get a better understanding of what we are talking about https://www.hwinfo.com/forum/threads/mb-to-gb.2710/