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    Data travelling on MB I2C bus: is this what HWinfo uses?

    Hi. Many (most) motherboards nowadays feature a M.2 slot with E-key or A+E-Key. The I2C (or SMB) bus of the motherboard is exposed in the pinout of such slot: CLK on pin 60 and DATA on pin58 (and there's an 'ALERT #' signal on pin 62 but normally there isn't such a signal in an I2C bus). Those...
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    Vega 56 (Vega Nitro+64 bios) freezes the computer when enable "i2c support force" monitoring for vrm

    Hi! Title says all. Newest HwInfo (6.30-4240) and newest radeon software (20.8.3). The problem presents since 20.3.1 driver, before I use 19.1.1 and a previous version of hwinfo, and worked perfectly, never freeze, saw the vrm1&2 temps, voltages, etc. But I had to update for doom eternal. There...