icue software

  1. Drakomord

    [SOLVED] iCUE has stopped receiving data from DRAM while working with HWiNFO64 (Sensors-only)

    Greetings, I'm having an issue with my Vengeance DDR5 DRAM in iCUE when HWiNFO64 (8.0.0-5400) is running at the same time. Lights are struggling/blinking until iCUE lose total control and stop receiving data from DRAM. First I thought it was my modules so Corsair replaced them but after...
  2. D

    HWiNFO Issue with iCue

    Hello, I've been using my commander pro for 3 years now and have also been using HWiNFO for longer. Within the last few months (I think back in May or June) I haven't been able to edit my cooling info in iCue. I've figured out it is an issue with iCue when HWiNFO is open but it didn't used to be...
  3. J

    How to Completely Uninstall HWiNFO

    I installed the program and noticed a few issues. Beeping randomly for awhile at different lengths of time then it stopped, thought that odd. I noticed immediately that my fans started running at higher rpms at idle, 3 front intake and 1 exhaust, my AIO fans exhaust out the top are functional...