1. D

    Vdroop on MPG Z490 gaming carbon motherboard?

    Hi, first build and first time overclocker. I saw a couple of place that says to look for the Vdroop as its the voltage to look for when on load. I was searching on the sensor page on HwInfo64 and i saw a voltage (other than the vcore) whos been fluctuating while on load but its called VIN3 (no...
  2. D

    about the VMCS Shadowing feature for INTEL CPU

    Hi everyone ! I would like to know if there is a way to know if an INTEL CPU have the "VMCS Shadowing" feature ?
  3. J

    [Old chipset] Intel 3000 MCH is detected as an E7230 MCH

    Hello everyone, I don't know if it is a bug or something else not dependant to HWiNFO but I am currently renovating an old Dell server and its North Bridge is not correctly reported: - Model: Dell PowerEdge SC440. - Motherboard: Dell YH299, Rev. A01. - North Bridge: Intel 3000 (QG3000, SL9Q5)...
  4. Coool

    Intel Atom® Processor Z3736F

    I have spotted misinformation in Platform Section - FC-BGA1380 Source:; say UTFCBGA592 package. :oops: