1. R

    Why not 16.0 GT/s on RTX 3090?

    These reads as if I'am using 4 lanes instead of 16 :( Am I seeing something wrong? Windows 10 Enterprise at "Ultimate Performance" power option. Its a PCIe Gen 4.0 GPU on a Gen 3.0 system. Could that be messing up the sensor readings? Mobo: Asus Pro WS X299 SAGE II CPU: Intel Core - i9...
  2. A

    Are there any specific hardware requirements or specifications to consider when purchasing an Intel Evo laptop?

    Hello everyone, I am considering purchasing an Intel Evo laptop and I was wondering if there are any specific hardware requirements or specifications I should consider before making a decision. I have done some research and found that Intel Evo laptops must meet certain requirements to earn the...
  3. S

    Frequent PC crashes on Apex Legends

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to solve some fairly frequent crashes I've been having. I play only Apex and Valheim. It never crashes on Valheim but it crashes fairly often on Apex. When it crashes the screen freezes, the sound drops out, and the PC will hang there until I hold the power button. My...
  4. D

    Vdroop on MPG Z490 gaming carbon motherboard?

    Hi, first build and first time overclocker. I saw a couple of place that says to look for the Vdroop as its the voltage to look for when on load. I was searching on the sensor page on HwInfo64 and i saw a voltage (other than the vcore) whos been fluctuating while on load but its called VIN3 (no...
  5. D

    about the VMCS Shadowing feature for INTEL CPU

    Hi everyone ! I would like to know if there is a way to know if an INTEL CPU have the "VMCS Shadowing" feature ?
  6. J

    [Old chipset] Intel 3000 MCH is detected as an E7230 MCH

    Hello everyone, I don't know if it is a bug or something else not dependant to HWiNFO but I am currently renovating an old Dell server and its North Bridge is not correctly reported: - Model: Dell PowerEdge SC440. - Motherboard: Dell YH299, Rev. A01. - North Bridge: Intel 3000 (QG3000, SL9Q5)...
  7. Coool

    Intel Atom® Processor Z3736F

    I have spotted misinformation in Platform Section - FC-BGA1380 Source:; say UTFCBGA592 package. :oops: