1. 1

    Looking for some help with random shutdown

    Hello everybody. I have been having issues with my computer randomly shutting down (straight power off, no blue screens or prior warning) for months now and I have recently tried using HWINFO to find the cause of this problem. However, after taking a look at the log data, I am not quite sure...
  2. C

    Water damaged PC, dried but low framerate (logs)

    Hello, so I would love some help if anybody would be so kind. I accidently fell over and spilt some water into my case (arrrgh). I dried the components and my PC booted fine, but unfortunately something is wrong and I can't quite figure out what.... My CPU on task manager is running at 100%...
  3. Andy8583

    Sudden Computer Power-off while gaming on new build: Help reading logs for diagnosis?

    Hey, so I recently built a new PC with these specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G iGPU: AMD Cezanne (I bought this all just before the GPU crash, so an APU made sense) Mobo: Gigabyte B550M DS3H RAM: Corsair LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3600 C18 (PC4-28800) 1.35V PSU: Seasonic S12III 650W Memory: Mixed...
  4. T

    CSV file contains clipped field headers

    The first line of the log file is: That is, almost all the names have been removed, but the units of measurement have remained. HWiNFO 7.15-4640, Microsoft Windows 10.0.19043.1415.
  5. M

    Was wondering if someone could help me decipher this .csv file I got from HWINFO

    I've been experiencing crashes for a while now, they're hard reboots with no .dmps or bsod created. Just shutdown and restart, so lately I've been trying different methods I've been getting from other forums. But I saw that you guys had the logging function on HWINFO and a viewer created for it...
  6. C

    Deciphering HWinfo Logs & Sudden crashing

    Hi, I could use a hand reading the tea leaves a bit. PC has been crashing while gaming lately (goes black, but case fans remain on until manual reset). It finally happened while I was logging with HWinfo. There's no sign of thermal throttling, but I'm getting the following answers under...
  7. H

    Logs, logs, and more logs...then some logs

    Hi all. I've been chasing down an issue with my customer's Surface Pro for a while, long-story-shortish, I would really like it if I could use Task Scheduler to open HWinfo (which I've been able to do), but I'd also like those sweet-sweet logs. So far, I only know how to generate logs manually...