memory clock

  1. Zackptg5

    Wrong GPU Memory Clock Shown

    Took the update to v6.32 and found that the wrong GPU memory clocks is shown. I thought it was some kind of bug with the latest nvidia driver but msi afterburner is still showing the correct frequency. But when I overclock it (in this case, +350mhz), it shows a very different value (afterburner...
  2. M

    Why are memory module maximum clock and current system memory clock different?

    Memory: Ripjaws V Series 32GB DDR4 3200MHz Dual Channel Kit (2x 16GB) A-XMP is enabled in BIOS Why are the two memory clock values different in the HWiNFO summary? See highlighted frequencies in HWiNFO system summary image. I thought maybe my system was running the memory at 1066 MHz because...