1. R

    Any official Android-Apple App projects?

    Any official Android-Apple App projects? I would like to ask you if there isn't a project in development or a reliable App that works, I've used some that don't work very well and keep crashing, especially monitoring on your cell phone would be the best of all worlds.
  2. K

    System tray icon. Can it change color based on temperature?

    I've added sensor to system tray and set up that thing so it will change color when cpu is higher than 20 C for example. In sensors window it does change color but I thought it will also affect system tray icon. Can I enable it somewhere or is it not supported?
  3. Coool

    SNMP support

    Hi! Does somebody uses or know how to enable SNMP for HWiNFO? So it is possible to monitor with Cacti®? Thanks. P.S. I know already about Prometheus Adapter for HWiNFO (+ Grafana Dashboard)
  4. R

    Pc stuttering due to cpu monitoring in hwinfo64 (Windows 11)

    My pc started stuttering/lagging whenever I opened hwinfo64 and found that it was this specific sensor which was causing the issue. I had to disable monitoring of the whole cpu section to remove the stuttering. Please can someone help me on this? I am worried if this is any kind of hardware...