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    Showing high temperature and no sensor name

    Hello Friends I was checking the computer parts after installing Windows when I came across a strange thing and it was that an unnamed sensor displayed a very high temperature. If possible, please guide me I also updated the BIOS of the motherboard, but unfortunately, the name of that sensor...
  2. H

    ASRock A520M-HDV strange HWinfo temperatures

    HWinfo version 7.44-5100 show some strange temperatures of ASRock A520M-HDV bios 2.73 Some numbers are over 100 C !! I touched all the components and none is hot. Actually from 50C and above would be impossible to touch them anyway. I send a screenshot.
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    ASUS Ryzen Motherboards overheating / faulty temperature sensor problem.

    Hello, I am not sure where to post about it yet, so I came here. A couple days ago I had a first time occasion to stress-test my cpu (R5 3600) in occt. Before stressing it, I checked out some temperatures the program was detecting. What peaked my intrest was a sensor named "Temp2" on the mobo...
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    Temp Explanation?

    G'day Guys, I have a quick question I was wanting know if anyone had some clarification about! Just watching over the temp sensors of my mobo, the motherboard reading itself is fine (~33C) but under that is Temp3 @ 112C Temp4 @ 109C Temp5 @ 108C CPU (Weight) @ 117C Now I can't find any...