nvme temps

  1. ummiq

    HWiNFO saved my nvme drive!

    Hey! So it’s as easy as it can be. My PC lagged so I opened up HWiNFO and immediately noticed very high NVMe drive temperatures (Samsung MZVLB1T0HALR-000L2) in idle mode (70-75 degrees on one of them). See the image below. I opened my PC and I realized that my motherboard’s (Aorus B450...
  2. C

    Temps not showing for AMD NVME RAID

    hi have set two 1tb nvme m.2 as raid 0 using AMD NVME RAID drivers. Only show AMD RAID and under that is all the read and write activites. Can't find tempature anywhere or the health and total size and written data. any idea why? I am running the latest version of hwinfo64