1. A

    Support for reading fan speeds from NZXT Smart Device v2

    Hi everyone, NZXT's H510i and H510 Elite cases include an Fan & RGB controller, which is named "Smart Device 2" in NZXT CAM. The device doesn't show up in HWiNFO, even if HWiNFO is started before NZXT CAM. It features 3x FAN connectors, each connector is individually controllable in NZXT CAM. I...
  2. cun83

    NZXT Kraken & HWiNFO - NZXT CAM finally defeated!

    Thanks to the hints in this old thread, I was able to sling a bit of code to finally beat NZXT CAM, and make NZXT CAM work reliably with HWiNFO! Can anyone confirm this is working on your system? If there is still interest in this I will clean up the code and publish this in a more clean...
  3. R

    Beta 4285 - Kraken X73 liquid temp & pump RPM values fluctuating

    I'm currently using beta 4285 and the kraken x73 shows liquid temp and pump rpm fluctuating with every sensor refresh every second or two from showing an accurate value (ie: 28C liquid temp) to a false value like 4C liquid temp or 0 rpm on the pump. the sensor name is also shown as "NZXT Kraken...
  4. sgtsixpack

    Latest version of NZXT cam has broken the reporting of fan, pump speed & water temps from the USB in HWiNFO

    The values are reported in CAM itself but HWiNFO has dropped monitoring them on the sensors panel. The pump speed is read via 2nd motherboard fan header, but fan speed and h20 temp are only reported via usb so are completely missing from HWiNFO. I sent a bug report to CAM and this is how they...