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    Intel XTU voltage offsets are not updated in real-time in version 7.36, Windows 10.

    Hi: First time poster here ... I'm using Intel's XTU utility to undervolt my new i9-13900K processor. So far so good (I think). But when I adjust and save the voltage offset in the XTU utility, the change is not reflected in HWiNFO. I have to quit and restart the program for the changes to be...
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    Disabling a sensor makes the sensor 10 rows below beeing disabled, and not the former.

    If I right click on a Sensor and disable it's monitoring it will stop monitoring the sensor which is like 10 lines below ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ EDIT: HWinfo has fixed itself on it's own (no restart) But the software behaves quite erratically sometimes. Like it changes parameters I didn't asked for on it's...