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    CPU 0 Enchanted really hot compared to DTS

    I don't know why I'm getting that much difference and also my computer keeps starting with the fans active (Acer Nitro 5) I just reset my computer, change the thermal paste and check if the fans are working well.
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    current, max, min, or avg when diagnosing cpu?

    should I be looking at the current, minimum, maximum, or average temps when trying to see if my cpu is getting too hot? this was taken seconds after a one hour long gaming session. ik 95 C is friggin hot but if it only peaks at 95 for a bit and keeps a low avg is it a problem? im only worried...
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    THRM temperature

    Hi, recently I bought a new laptop - asus tuf gaming a17 (FA707RE with ryzen 7 and 3050 ti). I'm using HWmonitor to monitor it's temperatures. Overall the program works well but what caught my eye is the THRM temperature. When ingame, it's at ~95°C constantly (other components show way less...
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    Laptop throttle

    Hey , While playing demanding games my system throttles every 2-5 minutes , I got the Asus g14 2021 model (5900hs + 3060) here is the hwinfo sensors status HTC and PROCHTO EXT are marked as yes , and while its on yes the cpu+gpu frequency drops to less than 1k both .. the fps in games drops...
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    Fan speed is not max when set to max

    Hello, recently posted about hexadecimals but gave up after the difficulty of looking. Anyway, I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5579 laptop. In HWINFO i can control the fan with three seperate levels: 0 RPM 2500 RPM 4900 RPM. These RPM choices are fine for me, but I noticed something. If I leave my...